"Dreams" T-Shirt

"Dreams" T-Shirt

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Inspired by my personal experiences with sleep paralysis, the message behind this tee is that the mind can manifest anything you inspire to do or to be. The Arabic quote relays the message, "Dreams are strictly dreams, until you wake up and make them a reality."

Graphic T-Shirt with an image of a Polaroid picture of clouds.

Why choose us?

Arabian Aesthetics is in all-exclusive brand. No matter what race, religion, sexual orientation you are, we promote being yourself and being unapologetic while doing it. Clothes are a symbol of expression, which is why as a brand, we create streetwear inspired by Middle Eastern culture that can be worn by any and everyone.

We are aware of the social injustices that is happening in our current state of the world and with the help of your support, we as a brand continuously donate to various charities that support those causes.

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